We Build Automated Document Workflows

Software solutions to automate customer communication and boost your ROI.

  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Procurement & Tender Processes
  • Technical Documentation

Operational Costs

Automating your document process will reduce efforts and costs

Deliver More Documents that Win

Accelerated document delivery will drastically increase completion rates

Engaging Customer Interactions

Cut down on waiting time and wow customers with high-quality documents

Did you know that inconsistent documents that contain errors can drop completion rates by up to 50%.

Offer-Ready automates customer communication for smart digital organizations.

  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Public and legal institutions
  • Procurement


Automated Proposal Writing

Create the perfect proposals with on-the-fly generated content and layouts. In addition to PDF, RTF, XML and HTML, any text format can be created.



Procurement and Tenders Processes

Data from the web form can be fully validated and post-processed. Data can be transferred from third party systems and created documents can be directly saved in your CRM.


Technical Documentation

Maintain technical information easily in different output formats and publish content across different target media.


Follow These 3 Steps to Amplify your Document Process with Offer-Ready

Define your perfect workflow

First outline your perfect document flow, specify your process goals and talk to us.

Decide who will integrate
We can support you in achieving fast integration of Offer-Ready if you require external support
Choose between on-premise or in cloud
Defines whether Offer-Ready shall be hosted on-premise or externally in the cloud

Offer-Ready is a software company providing advanced content transformation solutions.

We are different

Enterprise Ready with Open Source Solutions​

Integrate with any 3rd party APIs

Offer-Ready offers easy integration with CRMs and other 3rd party APIs. We can provide in-depth developer docs to guide you every step of the way.

A scalable and reliable platform

Handle unexpected load spikes and peaks flexible based on your requirements.

Open Source for Business

Engage with internal teams and external communities to benefit from the advantages of Open Source.

Pricing can be as flexible as needed

Open Source

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Offer-Ready Cloud

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Managed Deployment

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