About Offer-Ready

We believe that automating sales processes is not only a prerequisite for online sales - It can also significantly contribute to a better user experience for potential customers. Automation isn't just limited to simple "pick and carry" products; it can also be a benefit in selling complex B2B products and services for businesses striving to scale their online channels.

Offer-Ready is designed for auto-creation of documents triggered directly by the customer.

If your goal is a 3% conversion rate, then 10 additional deals means 330 documents to be created and sent to the customer. This isn't a sustainable business model, unless you can automate the process from the point where the customer enters data in the web form to the moment the offer has been sent. Offer-Ready is designed to help automate the creation of personalized, polished and professional sales documents.

It offers full integration with existing environments. Data can be loaded from Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Drive etc.

Offer-Ready is based in Vienna, Austria. Our business clients have between two and 24,000 employees, and they come from traditional industries as well as e-commerce start-ups.

Every single customer is equally important to us. We learn from our customers, and we strive to make every single one of our customers even more successful.

Offer-Ready provides our customers:

  • Implementation of custom projects
  • A subscription option for using our ready-to-go hosting environment
  • Consulting and in-life management

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