We believe that the automation of communication processes is not only a prerequisite for productive organizations but also contributes to a higher quality of customer relation.

However, automation is not limited to simple “pick and carry” products. Even when selling complex B2B products and services for companies, automation can make a significant contribution to scaling up online sales.

Offer-Ready enables the automatic creation of documents through direct interaction with the customer.

If you are aiming for a conversion rate of 3% for an online channel, you need to create 330 documents and send them to the customer to complete 10 new orders. This is not a sustainable business model unless you can automate the process from the moment the customer enters data into the web form, for example, to the moment the offer is sent. Offer-Ready was developed for exactly this fully automated creation of personalized and professional sales documents.

Our solution offers complete integration into existing environments. Data can be loaded from Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Drive etc.

Offer-Ready is located in Vienna, Austria. Our business customers have between two and 24,000 employees and come from a wide range of industries.

Every single customer is equally important to us. We learn from our customers and strive to make each of our customers even more successful.


Offer-Ready offers its customers:

  • Implementation of customer-specific projects
  • Provision of an immediately usable environment for the operation of our platform
  • Consulting and In-Life Management

Martin Schmidt

Founder & Product

Martin has been an e-commerce pioneer since 1995. He has advised leading e-commerce providers in the development of sales platforms and wants to revolutionize the industry with Offer-Ready.
Offer Ready

Arnim Schneider

Co-Founder & Sales

Arnim has many years of operational leadership experience in management of digital teams in start-ups, medium-sized companies and corporations. He advised many renown companies in their digitization initiatives.

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