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Adaptive content and artificial intelligence in sales proposals

Skilled salespeople adapt content and their presentation to the personality of their customer or potential customer - and ideally, the sales proposals they use can do the same.

When you answer a sales request, you think about what content is appropriate and most promising for the specific prospect. Which references are quoted? Should the answer be formulated informally or formally? Should more technical details be placed upfront, or are you in an earlier stage where providing basic business information is most important?

Every request from a potential customer deserves undivided attention and customization. But how realistic is that with several hundred offers per month?

Automatically generated offers are typically not flexible enough to respond to individual cases. But with the appropriate system and software, you can have clear rules translated into a logical structure that will suit your use cases and customer requirements.

Of course, no algorithm can match the experience of a seasoned sales professional. But the trade-off between custom editing and automated editing is the ability to scale. An aggressive online sales approach means a high number of requests for quote, but a single-digit percentage of actual deals. This can only be accomplished with an automated approach. With the right automation and personalization, meeting your sales goals is possible.

Examples of adaptive content in automatically generated quotations

Content can vary for different target groups. For example, with technical products, there is always the challenge of providing a technically savvy person with sufficiently accurate and thorough technical details, while a person with little to no technical background is less likely to need technical information.

When creating offers, selection of references matters. Is the offer for a small or a large company? In which market is the company located? Are the projects a useful guide to the price segment of the specific offer?

For greater personalization, the structure of a document can also be dynamically adapted to the respective request, from the order of the chapters to the layout. This can be dependent on the specific services offered - for example, different terms and conditions or different service descriptions. It can also be aimed at the type of buyer. For example, you can create different document layouts for emotional and analytical buyer types, or customize the layout of the offer to the messages on a landing page. Thus, the personalization of the advertising messages is consistently applied to the sales tools in the offer preparation.

Semantically structured content as a technological basis

The technical basis for dynamic documents - as with multi-channel publishing - is the correct preparation of the content. In most cases, a CMS or editorial system is used. Offer-Ready can access external systems or save content directly as XML files, so a CMS is not mandatory. Which approach is more likely to be recommended depends on the amount of content.

The rules for selecting content can be managed directly in Offer-Ready. Offer-Ready uses XML-based technologies (XSLT) to transform content into finished documents.

Interaction with artificial intelligence

An important success factor for the implementation of an adaptive content concept (besides the consistent semantic preparation of the content, of course), is the correct recording of customer preferences. Which buyer type is the offer for? Which signals are sent?

Developments in the field of artificial intelligence will open up many new opportunities here. Customer inquiries will be recorded correctly (for example via spoken language), and include a good classification of respective customer preferences. The same applies to developments in the field of chatbots.

A perfect example of a future stack is the environment provided by Amazon Connect. It utilizes the same AI as Alexa to transcribe calls and show caller sentiment in real time, which can be directly used to generate pinpoint-accurate sales proposals with Offer-Ready.

Without the possibility to translate information from AI into individually structured documents, these developments cannot be successfully leveraged into your daily business. Offer-Ready will allow you to be sustainably prepared for the future of your sales.

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