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The Offer-Ready Service Portal

The Offer-Ready Service Portal allows you to deploy your project to our AWS Cloud or download it as a ready-to-run Docker container. The Service Portal provides useful features for testing and publishing new versions of your project, and can also be enhanced with custom content used to test or display your offers.

Changes to your configuration are first uploaded into a version control system (Git), so there are different versions of your configuration available in parallel in the system.

With the Publisher, you can publish the latest version in a preview environment of our AWS Cloud. This environment is technically identical to the live environment, but not visible to your customers. You can test changes there before they are promoted to the live environment.

Alternatively, you can have the version of the live environment created as a Docker container. The Docker container can be operated in a data center of your choice.

In the Request Log, all calls to your project in the AWS Cloud are stored in a general form for one month. (General form means that no data is stored which has been entered by the customer nor any other data that would allow conclusions to be drawn on a single user such as the IP address). The following data is included:

  • Name of the called function (“Endpoint”)
  • Timestamp
  • If the call was successful or if an error has occurred (“Status”)
  • A unique ID per call (which you can transfer to external systems during quotation)
  • Http User-Agent

When needed, debug mode can be activated in the service portal. If a request is sent with activated debug mode, which contains a parameter “debug = true”, then the data of the request is stored and made available for download in the request log.

All stored data can be deleted with one click in the service portal.

With the hash calculator, required hash codes for your forms can be calculated with one click. You can also generate a new secret key. (IMPORTANT: Whenever you generate a secret key, you must also update the hashes in all of your forms!)

The service portal can be extended by configuration with individually defined menu items.

Customer examples using this feature:

  • Forms to test individual features of your offer, such as a form just to validate price calculation, to check which contact is selected for a post code, and so on. This can make testing much easier.
  • Forms for displaying current settings of your individual configuration.
  • Forms for use in the back office.


For each custom page, you can restrict usage to the preview environment or to the live environment. If there is no such restriction, you can specify the environment that your form should operate with.

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