Offer-Ready provides a comprehensive toolbox for the automated creation of offers and the processing of online generated customer contacts.

Generating documents

Generating documents in different data formats
Offer-Ready supports the automated creation of documents in a variety of formats, such as PDF, RTF, XML and HTML.
Perfect PDF layouts
PDF documents created with Offer-Ready meet the highest layout and printing standards. It creates polished document templates that incorporate your business logo, company colors, and more.
Use of unique IDs
Unique IDs can be required in different scenarios to identify individual requests or create offers. Offer-Ready supports the acquisition of IDs from external systems as well as the creation of different types of IDs with integrated tools.

High Quality Input Data

Comprehensive validation of input data
The validity of entered data can only partially be checked directly in the web form. Offer-Ready offers you many more options for data validation.
Automated post-processing of data quality
Variations in formatting may cause problems with the automatic processing of data. But with Offer-Ready, spellings and formatting can be standardized easily.

E-Mails with attachments

Email with attachments
With every call to Offer-Ready, any number of emails can be sent to different addressees. Email bodies can be generated individually, as well as subjects, attachments, and inserted images.

Data Protection

We do not store your customers' data
Data submitted to Offer-Ready for processing will be held temporarily in-memory only at the time of document creation. At no time will this data be permanently stored on our platform.
Access control to use Offer-Ready
To use Offer-Ready via a web form or an app, a hash code is required, which can be changed at any time as needed. This feature also allows other important use cases.
Log file GDPR compliance and debugging tools
Log files should be a meaningful protocol of the use of a system, and they should also fulfill the data protection requirements of the GDPR. The Offer-Ready Request Log works to meet both needs.

Integration with external Systems

Data exchange with external systems
Offer-Ready is built to handle data from external applications and to pass data to external applications.

Quality Assurance

Version control for all settings
All project settings are saved in a version control system (Git).

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