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Connect apps and automate content generation

Offer-Ready automates content generation by automatically moving info between your applications allowing you to focus on your more important tasks.
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Triggered Workflows Document Generation!

We have met many customers who have invested a lot of effort and money in automation and document management solutions only to have failed to receive any improvements! Rest assured, we make sure to create a tailored strategy for each individual case.

Smart Documents

Our Smart XML transformation knowledge empowers organisations to effectively:

  • Dissolve Content Silos
  • Achieve efficient content production
  • Eliminate  inefficient workflows
  • Possess capabilities to implement “One Click” automation

Smart Integration

Offer-Ready Endpoints is an integration platform for developers and business critical applications:

  • Open source and can be self hosted
  • No overhead and easy to overview compared to Zapier, Integromat, etc.
  • Build lean solutions that can be easily adapted to your requirements

A typical workflow provided by an Offer-Ready endpoint

1. Web Form sent

Data is sent from a web form to an Offer-Ready endpoint

2. From Input to Parameters

The input from your request will be transformed into a set of parameters. This transformation is a powerful tool which allows loading of additional data from within and outside your configuration, complex validation of your request data, and potentially not just "copying" request data into parameters, but also creating new parameters by applying complex calculations and data enrichment from external services.
Just XML, no programming!

3. Content Aggregation

The parameters, and if required, additional data sources from inside or outside the configuration, such as XML, JSON, or database queries will be combined to build a single temporary XML file, which will then be transformed into many different documents. The transformation from XML to documents uses XML stylesheets (XSLT). You can create documents in PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, JSON and any kind of text format.
Also 3rd party backend validation!

4. User Feedback

Depending on your configuration, the endpoint will return one of the following to your web form: a simple HTTP status code (e.g. 200), a redirect to some other URL (for example, a "Thank You" page), directly return the generated HTML or trigger the download of a generated document.
It's secure! Data is NOT stored!

5. Additional Triggers

As a side effect, additional tasks may be defined, such as sending emails or sending HTTP request to other systems (for example, uploading documents to a CRM).

We are different

Your solution approach is in the center of attention, not the software.

For the implementation of your project we start with the definition of the requirements. We support you with checklists, examples from other projects and offer a clear project plan for the fast implementation of your project.

  • We develop a semantic representation of your content (XML).
  • We help you translate your existing content, product catalogue and/or pricing model into structured content (XML).
  • We can implement your existing templates, for example from a Word template or a template created in Adobe InDesign.
  • We can help you find copywriters for your content in different languages and service providers to create graphical elements for your templates.
  • We support to integrate with external systems and develop custom extensions.
  • We can provide a turnkey solution that runs in our AWS Cloud or as a docker container in an environment of your choice.

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Offer-Ready provides a comprehensive toolbox for the automated creation of offers and the processing of online generated customer contacts.

Solutions that fits right in

A solution you can rely on

Since you can host the Offer-Ready yourself, you decide whether you expect an uptime of 99.9%. It depends on your workflows.

Security is our priority

You can be sure your data is safe as Offer-Ready stores NO data.

Get started quickly

Offer-Ready templates are a pre-made integrations, with some blueprint trigger and actions already selected.

Plans that fit your needs

It's up to you if you start for free with our Open Source Offer-Ready Endpoints or you want to scale with us.

How does Offer-Ready work?

Most frequent questions and answers
Offer-Ready is a platform that enables the creation of Web service endpoints through simple configuration. In our context, a Web service endpoint is simply a Web address (URL) that points to our platform. By referring to the URL from a web form, app, or simple hyperlink, you trigger actions defined in your Offer-Ready configuration. Each individual project implemented with Offer-Ready can define and serve several different endpoints.
In a typical use case, invoking an Offer-Ready endpoint involves sending data. For example, when you refer to Offer-Ready from a Web form, the data submitted in that form is sent to the Offer-Ready endpoint. The method for sending such data can be a simple GET request (for example, from a hyperlink with parameters attached) or a POST (the preferred method for sending data from a web form). The request can have the content type „multipart / form data“, which means it can send uploaded files or images along with the other form data.
  1. Data is sent from a Web form to an offer-ready endpoint.
  2. The input from your request is converted into a set of parameters. This conversion is a powerful tool that allows you to load additional data from and outside your configuration. You can perform complex validations of your request data and, in addition to converting request data into parameters, you can create additional new parameters by applying complex calculations and data enrichment from external applications.
  3. The parameters (and additional data sources inside or outside the configuration as needed) are combined into one temporary data source, which is then converted into many different documents. XML stylesheets (XSLT) are used to transform XML into documents. You can create documents in PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, JSON, and any text format.
  4. Depending on your configuration, the endpoint returns one of the following information to your Web form: a simple HTTP status code (for example, 200), a redirect to another URL (for example, a page titled „Thank you“), a return of HTML, or a download of a generated document.
  5. As a side effect, additional tasks can be defined, e.g. sending e-mails or HTTP requests to other systems (e.g. uploading documents to a CRM).

Request data is not stored on our system.

Requests are executed in memory. No request data remains in our system. You have full control over your data. You can configure an endpoint to send data to other external systems while the endpoint is running. However, once the request is successfully completed or the request is aborted due to an error, all request data is deleted from our system.

There is one small but useful exception: you can record requests for debugging, which requires that this feature be explicitly enabled on two sides: the server-side configuration and the client request. If the feature is not enabled in the server-side configuration or the parameter passing is not done in the client request, no data is recorded. Recorded debug data is available for no longer than 30 days and can be deleted at any time in the Service Portal.

Offer-Ready allows you to load data from external sources or send requests to external applications. The only requirement is that such systems provide an interface for HTTP requests such as REST or SOAP.

The return values of a request can be used as input for a later request. Offer-Ready automatically analyzes dependencies of tasks and decides which tasks are executed in which order. If possible, tasks are executed in parallel (multi-core).

Base64 encoded binary data can be part of HTTP requests to external systems. This data is either taken from the original request data (for example, a file uploaded in a web form) or generated in Offer-Ready (for example, a PDF document). For example, you can create a PDF with all contact data and upload it to Google Drive.

The technology for generating documents with Offer-Ready is XSLT. This is not a proprietary technology, but a well documented, established W3C standard. With XSLT you can create documents of any complexity. It supports the generation of PDF, HTML, XML, RTF and text. Creating PDF documents requires extending XSLT with XSLT-FO, the ultimate technology for creating professional PDF documents. XSL-FO has a comprehensive toolbox to support professional publishing standards.

Offer-Ready also supports embedding individual fonts (TrueType format).

The sending of e-mails is supported by a number of useful functions. Not only can you customize the e-mail text (via XSLT), but you can also add attachments created directly with XSLT (e.g. PDF documents).

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