Your path to Offer-Ready

Our consulting services will translate your vision into the stable technical requirements you need - and we can implement them as a turnkey project for you.

For the implementation of your project, we start with the definition of the requirements. We support you with checklists, examples from other projects, and we offer a clearly structured project plan for the rapid implementation of your project.

  • We develop a semantic representation of your content (XML).
  • We help you translate your existing product catalogue and price model into structured content (XML).
  • We can implement your offer templates (for example from a Word template or a template designed in Adobe InDesign).
  • We can help you to find copywriters for your content in different languages, as well as services to create graphical elements for your templates
  • We can do integration with external systems, as well as develop individual extensions matching very specific custom requirements.
  • We can provide you a turnkey solution that will be operated in our AWS Cloud or that will run as a Docker container in an environment of your choice.

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