Smart Documents

Complex Document Writing can be Automated....​

Shoot out 100% accurate documents in seconds


Reduced Work Load

Offer-Ready lets you focus on communication - not on writing documents

Perfect documents in seconds

Offer-Ready is generating your documents - even the complex ones.

Higher Completion Rate

A quick response time lets you increase the process coompletion significantly

Inconsistent proposals that contain errors and don’t thoroughly reflect your brand can drop conversion rates by up to 50%.

Impress your customers with ease.
Reduce the workload of your employees.


Document Generation

Impress your prospects with highly effective documents

  • Create documents in different file formats
    Offer-Ready supports the automated creation of documents in various formats, such as PDF, RTF, XML and HTML.
  • Perfect PDF layouts
    PDF documents created with Offer-Ready meet the highest layout and printing standards. Perfect document templates are created that include your business logo, corporate colors and more.
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Dynamic Emails with Attachments

Automate sending out emails with dynamic attachments 

  • Zero-Toruch emails with attachments
    Each time Offer-Ready is called, any number of e-mails can be sent to different recipients. E-mail body, subject, attachments and inserted images can be generated on-the-fly.


It's your Data!

The data always stays ONLY on your servers

  • Your customer data is NOT stored on our server
    Data transferred to Offer-Ready for processing is only loaded into the working memory at the time of document creation. This data is not permanently stored on our platform at any time.
  • Access control for the use of Offer-Ready
    To use Offer-Ready via a web form or app, a hash code is required, which can be changed at any time if necessary. This function also enables other important use cases. Details.

Just 3 steps to get your document generator ready

Book a free demo
with us

Let us show you a sample. Check out the results yourself! See how Offer-Ready works by booking your free demo.​​

Send us your document template

Submit a template of your current proposal and we’ll get back to you with an implementation plan.

Setup your document generator
Decide whether your IT team would like to implement the proposal generator, an external partner or would like to have us onboard.​​

Our Approach


Offer-Ready Plattform

Offer-Ready is a software company whose solutions are trusted by leading companies. We offer a content transformation and endpoint solution designed for mission critical applications.

Smart XML Integration

Together with internal and external integration partners we translate your idea into stable technical requirements and implement them for you as a turnkey project.

We are different

Your solution approach is in the center of attention, not the software.

For the implementation of your project we start with the definition of the requirements. We support you with checklists, examples from other projects and offer a clear project plan for the fast implementation of your project.

  • We develop a semantic representation of your content (XML).
  • We help you translate your existing content, product catalogue and/or pricing model into structured content (XML).
  • We can implement your existing templates, for example from a Word template or a template created in Adobe InDesign.
  • We can help you find copywriters for your content in different languages and service providers to create graphical elements for your templates.
  • We support to integrate with external systems and develop custom extensions.
  • We can provide a turnkey solution that runs in our AWS Cloud or as a docker container in an environment of your choice.

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