Smart Integration

Automated Docs which are in Sync with your CRM

Offer Ready provides a simple solution for smart document processing that is in sync with your CRM

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Happy Team!

Lets your team focus on their clients - not on writing documents

All Documents in Sync

Offer-Ready integrates into every API enabled CRM

Cuts down the processes

No switching between tools anymore

The missing integration of smart sales processes leads to unnecessary steps that costs your company valuable time and money! Offer-Ready enables you to craft swift proposals without wasting time and resources.

Its time to build a Zero-Touch organisation with
Offer-Readys Endpoint Solution.
Reduce the workload of your employees.


Zero Touch Integration

Let your customers determine what they need by themselves, supported by the right content.

  • Build a low friction self-service model
    Offer-Ready supports the automated creation of documents in various formats, depending on pre defined rules.
  • Increase scalability and ROI
    Establish a structured, metric-driven process. Every decision you make when designing a document process can be centred around getting noticed by potential customers and buyers.


Error-free data and content

Automate sending out emails with dynamic attachments 

  • Comprehensive verification of input data
    The validity of data can only be checked to a limited extent directly in a web form. Offer-Ready offers many additional options for data validation.
  • Automated post-processing of data quality
    Deviations in the formatting of data can cause problems in automatic data processing. With Offer-Ready, however, formatting can be easily standardized.


Easy CRM integration

Silently integrated into your CRM and other Third Party systems

  • Integration with external systems
    Data exchange with external systems Offer-Ready is designed to process data from external applications and forward it to external applications.
  • Version control for all settings
    All settings of your individual configuration are saved in a version management (Git).

3 easy steps to set up efficient document processes that work

Redefine your Process
Carry out a workshop to define the perfect sales process. Rethink the process and your status quo.
Define your solution
Decide how to run your Offer-Ready endpoints solution
Run it
Setup and integrate the process in all your Offer-Ready endpoints

Our Approach


Offer-Ready Plattform

Offer-Ready is a software company whose solutions are trusted by leading companies. We offer a content transformation and endpoint solution designed for mission critical applications.

Smart Integration

Together with internal and external integration partners we translate your idea into stable technical requirements and implement them for you as a turnkey project.

We are different

Your solution approach is in the center of attention, not the software.

For the implementation of your project we start with the definition of the requirements. We support you with checklists, examples from other projects and offer a clear project plan for the fast implementation of your project.

  • We develop a semantic representation of your content (XML).
  • We help you translate your existing content, product catalogue and/or pricing model into structured content (XML).
  • We can implement your existing templates, for example from a Word template or a template created in Adobe InDesign.
  • We can help you find copywriters for your content in different languages and service providers to create graphical elements for your templates.
  • We support to integrate with external systems and develop custom extensions.
  • We can provide a turnkey solution that runs in our AWS Cloud or as a docker container in an environment of your choice.

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