Technical Documentation

Dynamic Technical Documentation

Create, manage and document your informations intelligently.

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Consistent Content

With Offer-Ready, information can be consistently maintained across many different output formats and target languages

Cross Media Publishing

With the media-neutral data format XML, content can be published for different target media.

Efficient Completion

Production from a single source enables all publications to be completed almost simultaneously.

Inefficient technical documentation increases training costs as employees need the help of others, slows down processes and thus reduces the productivity of companies.

Wow your employees, partners and customers with valid information.


Consistency through automation

Automation of information modules increases consistency

  • Contents at the right time in the right place
    The automation of information modules ensures that content is delivered to the right place at the right time and in the right hands, even with a large number of variants and types.
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Easy publishing

Formats from print to web

  • Publish your content as professionally laid out documents
    Flexible publishing of variants, translations and different target formats of technical documents.


Secure data aggregation

Processing data from external applications

  • Capture and aggregate structured data
    Interfaces to corresponding systems such as PIM or ERP solutions enable a simplified data exchange.

Just 3 steps to set up your individual technical documentation system.

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Send us your requirements

Submit some high level system requirements and we’ll get back to you with an implementation plan.

Setup your system
Decide whether your IT team would like to implement the proposal generator, an external partner or would like to have us onboard.​​

Our Approach


Offer-Ready Plattform

Offer-Ready is a software company whose solutions are trusted by leading companies. We offer a content transformation and endpoint solution designed for mission critical applications.

Smart Integration

Together with internal and external integration partners we translate your idea into stable technical requirements and implement them for you as a turnkey project.

We are different

Your solution approach is in the center of attention, not the software.

Let the Offer-Ready team help you start your project today! New technologies are not just replacing older tools, they are also changing the way business works. Being successful in online sales requires more than “doing the same as usual, but on the Internet.” Our top consultants have more than 20 years of experience in the strategic and practical development of projects and organizations in online sales. We support you with:
  • Vision development
  • Requirements
  • Project Management
  • Consulting online and on-site

Our consulting services will translate your vision into the stable technical requirements you need – and we can implement them as a turnkey project for you.

For the implementation of your project, we start with the definition of the requirements. We support you with checklists, examples from other projects, and we offer a clearly structured project plan for the rapid implementation of your project.

  • We develop a semantic representation of your content (XML).
  • We help you translate your existing product catalogue and price model into structured content (XML).
  • We can implement your offer templates (for example from a Word template or a template designed in Adobe InDesign).
  • We can help you to find copywriters for your content in different languages, as well as services to create graphical elements for your templates
  • We can do integration with external systems, as well as develop individual extensions matching very specific custom requirements.
  • We can provide you a turnkey solution that will be operated in our AWS Cloud or that will run as a Docker container in an environment of your choice.

Today, reaching sales goals requires constant adaptation to changes in the market. We are happy to take care of ongoing support of your Offer-Ready project so that you can focus on your business.

Offer-Ready is a full-service agency. If necessary, we will take care of needed adjustments in your project and will gladly assist you in the further development of your vision and in the operation of your project.

  • Ongoing maintenance of your project (advances and changes)
  • Providing a preview environment for testing
  • Hosting on our AWS Cloud, or supporting your own data center operation by deploying your project as a Docker container

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